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Wholesome Style is where I share what I have learned on my personal journey to better health. As complex and complicated as our bodies are, the solution to being in control of our physical health and healing is often very simple. Eat better. Exercise. Stretch. Do not let your quality of life suffer unnecessarily.

The good news is that it is easy to change some of the habits which have created our symptoms, but you have to allow yourself time to do this. Read through my Ingredients 101 Grocery Guide, make one small change at a time, keep trying, and persevere. Allow setbacks, but do not quit.

I now feel and notice how my body reacts to food almost immediately, and with that, I can control how I feel. Visit my About Me page for the whole story.

Truth is, once you start to eat better quality food that your body can actually USE and cut out more of that overly processed food, you get used to feeling better. You begin to notice those foods and drinks that drag you down.

I still eat all the foods I love, but in a much healthier way. I am a snacker by nature, so I will be adding many more recipes to my Recipe Page that can satisfy any serious craving.

Everything in Moderation? You need to know your ingredients.

Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Food & Ingredients, Health Topics | 0 comments

Moderation is subjective to the individual. We all know some of the obvious things we should not eat too often…basically your typical junk food list. What we fail to recognize, is that some of this so-called junk food, is no worse than most of the things we eat every day.

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