Vegetable Soup Recipe

must go soup

Tonight I am making a “Must-go” vegetable soup (recipe). Once in awhile we like to let our pantry and fridge run down to the bare bones just to use stuff up that we normally do not use. I loathe waste, and at this point we have some vegetables begging to be used before they go bad (that are technically fine to eat, but I don’t necessarily like the look of them). Cooking them in a pot of soup is the way to go. 


VEGETABLE SOUP RECIPE (not really a recipe)

I always start a soup base of sautéed garlic and onions with coconut oil, or gently sautéed with olive oil (you do not want to heat olive oil to too high of a temp, or for too long since it will oxidize which is not good for you). Coconut oil on the other hand, can take the heat and is one of the most beneficial oils for the body.

Once the onions and garlic are caramelized, I add broth (broth adds great flavor and health benefits) and/or water.

I then unload my fridge, throwing in whatever needs to be used up. I often add quinoa or beans (both high in protein) or rice as well. In the soup shown above, I added a can of coconut milk which adds some creaminess and great flavor. A healthy salt like Himalayan Pink salt, pepper and spices finishes it off.

Soup is one of those things that almost anything goes. If you add salt, pepper, a few spices, and if possible some fresh herbs, you are golden. Typically I add curry powder, and some fresh herbs from my garden (tons of rosemary, green onion, parsley). Taste as you go and if it needs more flavor, garlic and onion (fresh or powder), salt and pepper are usually the answer.

Soup can be an inexpensive meal and incredibly healthy. The photo above is one of my must-go soups from a few months ago. Since there really are no rules here, I am not posting a recipe. I am pretty certain every single soup I make is different, which I love.

What is your favorite soup?


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