Strawberry Salsa Recipe

strawberry salsa

My lovely and amazing mother-in-law made this strawberry salsa recipe the first time I tried it, and it disappeared in seconds. It was actually one of those moments where you lose your manners because you cannot stop eating it! I highly recommend you triple this recipe for large groups as this is a crowd pleaser.

It is so simple to do, just use the exact same ingredients as you would in a regular tomato salsa, but swap strawberries for tomatoes. The same idea would go for a mango (check out 100 Days of Real Food’s Mango Salsa recipe), peach, or pineapple salsa.

Many fruit flavors blend beautifully with these few, simple ingredients, and paired with a salty tortilla chip (non-gmo please) = perfection.

strawberry salsa ingredients


•  2 cups diced strawberries (or mango, peach, etc.)
•  drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
•  dash of salt and pepper (I prefer a healthy Pink Himalayan salt for the health benefits)
•  squeeze of lime (balsamic vinegar also works very well, however any vinegar is better than none)
•  small handful of cilantro – chopped
•  diced onion (any onion will do: shallots, green onion, purple)
•  1 clove garlic – finely chopped

Serve with your favorite chips – preferably a GMO free tortilla.

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