Food Journal



I feel that most people underestimate how strong the relationship is between what they eat, and how they feel.  With all the ingredients in our food, the thought of trying to pinpoint what might be affecting you could feel daunting. A food journal is an easy tool if you are struggling with something specific, no matter how small, and you will be shocked to see how quickly that correlation is revealed. Oftentimes there is an allergy or sensitivity that goes unknown, but can easily be determined by journaling.

To make it easy, write down what you ate ONLY when you feel a symptom (see example below). If you have multiple symptoms, make a list for each symptom and then when you feel that specific symptom, write down the foods you ate within the hours just prior under that category. Be as specific as possible with your categories…fatigue, headache, bloat, heartburn (upper chest pain), gall bladder pain….whatever they happen to be. Do this for a week or two and see what you determine.



Write down a chart similar to what you see below on paper, only with your specific symptoms…as many as you struggle with. I added in some random foods underneath the first column so you can see how it should roughly look, but try to be even more specific than that, by adding in some of the ingredients within each food item if possible, or even taking a picture of the ingredients and keeping those pictures so that you can look at the long ingredients list quickly in a photo to see if there is any correlation (every bread, every yogurt, etc., has different ingredients so taking a quick picture with your phone is easier than writing every ingredient down). Remember, it sometimes only takes a few days to see a pattern so do the best you can and try  not to get overwhelmed.


FATIGUE         BLOAT         CHEST PAIN  


If you have any health issues…regardless of how big, small, or how many, or even if it is just trouble with your mood or emotions, then you need to do this. Seeing how profoundly the food you eat affects you (within hours), is one of the most eye-opening experiences I have ever had. It is easier than you think, and you are worth it. Read my story of my own personal health struggles of ten years, and how journaling my food (for only two days!!) was the answer to my problems all along. It still blows my mind. Over time I have learned what ingredients to avoid on a regular basis, and also what to look for when buying food. See this easy to follow guide on my Ingredients 101 page.