Homemade Stove-top Popcorn Recipe

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We always have fun making home-made popcorn on the stove. It only takes about 5 minutes to do, and something about it always gets my kids so excited. Between the popping sounds while it gets hot on the stove-top, my way of tossing (throwing?) the popped popcorn in our big mixing bowl to mix in the seasonings, and the kids always trying to catch the ones that fly out into the air….it is just one of those simple pleasures that I know my kids love.

Without fail, every time I make it, my son Gavin says,”You know what goes good with popcorn, mom? A movie! We have to watch a movie if we eat popcorn!” Who am I to argue? I certainly feel good about serving up a healthy snack (that is both filling and inexpensive).

When you make your own popcorn stove-top style, you can really have fun and add any kind of flavor and seasoning you like. I LOVE the white cheddar popcorn, but struggled to find a healthy way to do that until I found this organic white cheddar powder (click link). You could also do coconut oil or butter with cinnamon and sugar, or olive oil with garlic and onion powder and maybe even some finely chopped herbs. Really…anything goes! There are no rules except that you want to keep the balance of salty, sweet, and savory in mind. You also want to season the popcorn while it is hot to allow the flavors to stick to the popcorn, so have everything ready to go in advance.

Note: Popcorn kernels are one product that I prefer buying organic or at least non-gmo. A bag will last for months if not longer, and being organic you are avoiding potentially harmful GMO’s. To purchase Non-Gmo popcorn kernels, click here. To purchase coconut oil, click here. For organic popcorn seasonings, click here. For a bulk size healthy, organic, one ingredient white cheddar seasoning click here.




Have a large empty bowl ready, along with the seasonings you will be using because you want to flavor popcorn while it is still hot so that it absorbs the flavor better, allowing the salt, sugar or whatever you top it with to stick to it. 

1. Preheat a large pan on medium, wait until it is nice and hot then add about 1 tbsp coconut oil to coat the bottom.

2. Once the oil is hot, add in 1 single layer of popcorn kernels (shown in photo below) covering the bottom of the pan. Adding too many kernels could result in burned popcorn.

homemade popcorn stove top cooking instructions


3. Give the pan a shimmy and a shake, coating all of kernels in the oil and then cover with a lid. Stay close with oven mitts ready.

4. Let the pan sit until you hear the popping sounds begin.

5. With oven mitts on, you need to slowly and gently shake the pan back and forth every few seconds for as long as the kernels continue popping.  Keep the pan on the burner so that you do not lose the heat.

6. Continue to jostle the pan around to shake up the kernels so that as the kernels pop, the popped popcorn stays on top and the unpopped kernels are shaken to the bottom of the pan.

7. It can burn very quickly at this point so you really need to be careful, and honestly, after years of doing this I still burn a batch now and then, but practice has giving me the ear to know when to stop.

8. Once the sound of “fireworks” has slowed to three 3-4 of seconds of silence between pops, transfer it quickly to a big bowl, big enough to really shake things around. Quickly coat popcorn while it’s still hot in the seasoning, oil, or butter of your choice (olive oil is a little spicier for savory flavoring, or coconut oil for a sweeter flavor) and then I like to add pink Himalayan salt, or an organic white cheddar seasoning Mix it up really good, coating everything evenly. Give it a taste, I usually need to add a little more salt.

9. Pop in a movie and enjoy!

To purchase Non-Gmo popcorn kernels, click here. To purchase coconut oil, click here. For an affordable, organic, white cheddar popcorn seasoning, click here. For a bulk size white cheddar seasoning click here.



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