Homemade Mixed Berry {Soft Serve} Ice Cream Recipe

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If you have any type of frozen fruit, a banana, milk (can be dairy free), and a blender, you can make homemade mixed berry {soft serve} ice cream in two minutes flat. Take it from someone who used to own two gourmet ice cream shops….this easy recipe rocks. I never knew it could be so simple! No added sugar, no heavy cream, no freezer time needed. Just you and your blender, baby. To quote my 9 year old son, Gavin, as he scarfed his down, “Mom, you outdid yourself!” Too cute.




Note: To make this ice cream harder, place in freezer for an hour or two before serving. 


•  1 banana
•  3 cups frozen fruit – Any variety will do. I used 2 cups of frozen strawberries and 1 cup of mixed berries which included blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries
•  1 cup milk – I used whole milk, but you can use almond, coconut milk, or even a rice milk would work to make this dairy-free
•  a pinch of salt (optional – I prefer a healthy Pink Himalayan salt for the health benefits)



Place all ingredients into a blender. You need a semi-decent blender. I used a $40 Oster blender and it worked just fine. If you have a stronger blender such as a Vitamix or Ninja, it will be much easier to do. I removed the middle clear plastic cap from the lid of the blender so that I could use a wide handled utensil to push down and “work” the fruit down into the blades of the blender, otherwise the fruit would not get pureed, since you need to use minimal liquid or the ice cream is too runny. The frozen fruit will not mix all by itself in the blender since it normally requires more liquid, so carefully continue to push the fruit down towards the blender blades until all the fruit is pureed.

If you use to much liquid then you essentially have a smoothie, which can be fixed by adding more frozen fruit. If you do not have more frozen fruit, call it a day, add some spinach and enjoy a healthy “green” fruit smoothie. Next time, just add less liquid.


Note – we ate this immediately. I placed some leftovers in the freezer and it froze to a very hard consistency. I think an hour or two would be fine, and make it much firmer, but more than that and it may need to be thawed a bit before being able to scoop or eat. 

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