Healthy Kids Snack Ideas & Recipes

If you or your kids are not a fan of veggies, add a smoothie or two to your daily routine. Spinach literally melts away in a blender if blended long enough. Add a banana, a cup of frozen spinach and some ice or frozen fruit to make it taste even better. Your vegetable-hating kids and toddlers will chug it! I promise you. Blend it really well.

For added nutrition, Shakeology is a supplement that I take every day. It is the best meal replacement shake I have ever seen, is non-gmo, has all the super foods and nutrient dense supplements I used to buy separately all in one scoop. I make one giant blender-full with spinach, banana, ice, and a full scoop of Shakeology and split that between my whole family of four. I do not have to buy any other vitamins or supplements….it has it all.  Learn more or buy it now if interested.




strawberry kale smoothie popsicle ice pop

What is the best way to sneak veggies into the body of a picky eater? Smoothie popsicles. Frozen fruit, kale or spinach, and a banana. Blend and freeze.


Mini peppers have more vitamin C than an orange. Mix together some spinach, cheese, tomatoes, herbs, salt & pepper using whatever ingredients you like and have on hand. Slice peppers in half, stuff them with the mixture, and bake in a 400 degree oven until cheese is melted. For the exact recipe I used, click here.

chia seed ants on a log peanut butter celery fast healthy snack

These chia seed and celery “Ants On A Log” shown above can be filled with peanut butter, almond butter, or Sun Butter (peanut free). Instead of chia seeds, you could use hemp seeds or flax seeds.


Make an apple sandwich and fill with peanut butter, almond butter, or Sun Butter (peanut free).

yogurt crunchy granola fast healthy snack

Crunchy granola over yogurt. For school lunches, pack the granola in a separate container so that it does not get soggy. Add a few berries to make this healthy snack even better!

cheese crackers fast healthy snack

Cheese and crackers are a staple in my home. Using healthy, minimally processed crackers, and slicing from a block of aged cheese is the way to go. My kids and I eat this snack at some point almost daily, and I often pack this in my son’s lunchox.

cucumber cheese healthy snack kid

Skip the crackers altogether and use cucumbers as a crunchy companion for the cheese.

homemade popcorn fast healthy snack kids

Popcorn is one of our favorite treats and I make it in minutes on the stove. Skip the chemicals from the microwaved, hydrogenated oil popcorn, and instead, make this healthy snack using real butter or coconut oil (adds sweetness) and some healthy salt like Himalayan Pink salt. I LOVE the white cheddar popcorn, but struggled to find a healthy way to do that, but then I found this organic white cheddar powder (click link). See my easy method for homemade, stove-top popcorn here.

mickey mouse vegetables kid healthy snack

Chop up some vegetables and see what their imaginations come up with. This is my son Gavin’s Mickey Mouse creation. I told him that whatever he used, he had to eat. Gives them a little incentive to try something new!

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