Yoga & Exercise (coming Soon)

The following photos are of my dear friend, Ashley who will be a regular contributer to Wholesome Style. She is a yoga teacher and enthusiast and will soon be offering yoga tips, tricks, and hopefully video tutorials. Sign up for our posts and also like us on Facebook (to the right of page) to stay connected with us! Read more about Ashley here.

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This page is under construction, but I wanted to share what will become of this page. I am not about irrational fitness goals, boring redundant videos and programs, or counting calories. I am really not a big fan of going to a gym either, killing at least 30 minutes of my day in the commute alone. I am all about enjoying a lifestyle that somehow incorporates various forms of physical activity that I enjoy doing consistently and that is also fulfilling. Daily activity should always be the goal, but I never seem to manage it every day….and that’s ok!

I have many ideas for this page to help people realize that doing physical activity can be enjoyable. For the time being, if you are not getting enough exercise, I urge you to walk and or run as often as possible. Walk through the snow, through the sand, up hills, through the woods. Just walk (and run for small spurts every so often). It feeds your soul and you will reap the benefits.

A few times a week do a few squats, a few push-ups, a few sit-ups totaling 5 minutes. Have a dance party with your kids. Make love to your spouse as often as possible (great exercise!). Stretch. Do yoga. Gently stretch your body in as many ways as you can imagine. Do this at least a few times a week. Get that heart going and have fun with it…start today!