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My Favorite Skin Products



Tea Tree Oil is your best friend. It works better than any product out there. Even better than alcohol or peroxide (they kill bacteria, but also cause redness).

Just a little dab to affected areas, or a few drops mixed into your regular moisturizer, and you will see results overnight.



This Botani moisturizer from Australia is amazing and uses only natural ingredients (click here).

Jojoba oil is also great and naturally moisturizes and softens skin, giving it a radiant, and energetic look without clogging pores like other oils.



My sisters and I have used this lactic acid peel (click here) a couple of times and we all really like it. I have 4 sisters, each with different skin types and we are all fans of this product primarily because it is effective, we see a difference almost immediately, and because it is very gentle with no down time. After a few days you may experience a very light “peeling,” which resembles dry flaky skin, but nothing so significant that would indicate to anyone that you have had a peel.



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