Focus On The Unseen In Your Body – Visualize What Happens Within

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Most people unknowingly eat processed food containing toxic ingredients with every meal.


Focusing on the unseen within the body once we have eaten a food, causes us to take a step back, to feel and listen to the body’s reaction to that food. I try to have some quiet time each day to pray. Today, as I sat, thought, and tried to “listen,” I thought how hard it is sometimes to focus on the unseen (spiritually), as I believe that the real you and I is spiritual, not physical. It then occurred to me that the “out of sight, out of mind,” saying rings true with our health and bodies as well. You cannot see what is happening within your body when you ingest harmful ingredients. You may have something happen as a side effect, but we often disregard that feeling and do not associate the relationship between the feeling, and the food. It is hard to focus and appreciate what you cannot see, but we need to think about what is going on inside. What you put on/into your body, is what you are made of. It is that simple.


Food ingredients are the catalyst for one of two things, either a healthy body, or a body that is sick and prone to disease.


Imagine what happens internally when you eat or drink something that you know is not healthy for you. I do not mean in the stomach so much, I mean in the entire digestive system, where all the good and bad happens, and where your body relies on you to provide what it needs. This has stopped me from indulging, or over-indulging so many times. The next time you are on the fence about what to choose to eat, or whether to continue eating when you are not actually hungry, imagine what happens inside your body once the food is inside and starts to digest… is your body benefitting from it, if at all? Is it helping or hurting your body? Most people unknowingly eat processed food containing toxic ingredients with every meal! Think about that for a moment—you are literally being self-destructive. This visualization allows me to appreciate what the body does and needs to help it function, and also to see food as the resource it is intended to be.


Slow down the eating process.


Chewing thoroughly is very important. Break down the food as much as possible in the mouth before swallowing. This helps our digestion, slows down the eating process, and allows us to prolong the eating experience and feel full, before over-filling. When you notice that you are just starting to feel full, stop eating. Instead of grabbing the bag of “whatever” and sitting in front of the TV or with a book, take a small portion and place in another container, leaving the bag behind. You may opt to go back for more, but it gives you a moment to think before acting.

Allow yourself to eat anything you want in moderation if your health permits, but if you know it is not offering much in terms of nutrition—visualize, and you may start making better choices much more often. It’s a life changer! If you are experiencing any health issues, fatigue, or just not feeling good, please keep a food journal to easily spot what foods cause you to feel less than stellar. You will be shocked at how quickly you see a pattern.

OK, back to my quiet time….another life-changer. Do that too, it will change your life. My close relationship with God is something I cannot function without. I tried life on my own for 30 years…. it didn’t work. Respect the temple that is your body, appreciate the creation that you are.

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