Berries, Banana, Pear, & Kale Smoothie Recipe

Image of my Berries, Banana, Pear, & Kale Smoothie



Try this “berry delicious” smoothie that will send your taste buds into a frenzy. I blended one very ripe pear, a banana, strawberries, blueberries, tons of baby kale, greek strawberry yogurt, and water.

Smoothies are a daily occurrence in my home. It is often the tastiest and easiest way to get a healthy dose of greens into our diet. This one received two thumbs up from two very particular little boys, my biggest smoothie critics. It can be a tough crowd over here sometimes!

There are times when kids just refuse to even try something, even yummy smoothies, so my trick is to freeze them into popsicles. To freeze smoothies into popsicles (almost guaranteed your kids will eat it as a popsicle!) try these silicone ice pop makers. They are a non-toxic, BPA free silicone molds.


For added nutrition I always add the powerhouse anti-inflammatory turmeric/curcumin, a super potent probiotic which is incredible in keeping a healthy and balanced gut flora, and sometimes psyllium husk for added fiber which also serves as a prebiotic (which helps the probiotic do its thing). I buy in capsule form for easy to swallow daily intake, or if I put them into a smoothie, I open the capsule and pour out.


Shakeology is a supplement that I take every day. It is the best meal replacement shake I have ever seen, non-gmo, has all the super foods and nutrient dense supplements I used to buy separately all in one scoop. I make one giant blender with spinach, banana, ice, and a full scoop of Shakeology and split that between my whole family of four. I do not have to buy any other vitamins or supplements….it has it all. Learn more or buy it now if interested.



On occasion, my smoothies need some added sweetness even with the berries and banana. I used to add juice because it was the only way to get my children to drink it if I added too many greens. I hated to add unnecessary sugar when the whole goal was to get something healthy in their body. I recently switched to Pure Stevia. It is a truly all-natural sweetener that is also zero calories. I now add water, and then a few drops (for a whole blender I use roughly 5 drops of Stevia, or if in powdered form, only a 1/2 tsp). Problem Solved. If your child still refuses, adding some juice will give it even better flavor.

To purchase any of the ingredients found in this smoothie, click on the item/link itself, or go to my Wholesome Style Store on Amazon.

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