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I love to flavor food using fresh herbs, spices, and healthy oils. No skimping on flavor here, just pure goodness to enjoy without the guilt.

Ingredients 101 – Grocery Guide

Your ingredients 101 – grocery store guide includes two lists: Healthy Ingredients to Include and Ingredients to Avoid. This list is not intended to be a “rule” so much as a “guide.” We should not be after extremes or perfection. We should only be trying to find that balance, which requires becoming informed on common ingredients. This is […]

Healthy Kids Snacks

The following healthy kids snacks posts will hopefully inspire you to opt for real, whole foods instead of processed food. It generally comes down to making your own treats and meals, but many of these are so easy to make! You will never buy the junk food alternatives again. Start newer, healthier habits today! HEALTHY KID […]